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What We Believe

The Church on Oakland Park is a small congregation with a huge heart and an enormous love for the community around us. We take seriously our call to show the love of God to all people, and we recognize that as the hands and feet of Jesus in our day, it is our responsibility and our joy to share that love in tangible ways - being present with those who are suffering, assisting our neighbors who are in need, and being an active and loving part of building God's dream of justice and peace in our community. 


The Church on Oakland Park is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). You can learn more about the ELCA here, but most simply it means that in this church we believe that through God's grace we are wholly and completely loved and accepted exactly as we are. No exceptions. And because we are already wholly loved and accepted, we no longer have to worry about trying to be good enough or to do enough good things to earn God's love. Instead, we are freed to love, serve, and care for one another - not out of any selfish motive to insure our own salvation - but simply loving others for Love's sake. 

The members of The Church on Oakland Park have committed to this vision by signing on our community covenant - a shared promise to God, to our community, and to one another. 

The Church on Oakland Park
Community Covenant

As a community of faith, we believe God dreams of a world where all people have their basic needs met, feel a sense of belonging, and know themselves beloved and free.


We believe the same Spirit that fueled the life and ministry of Jesus is still alive and active today, working to bring God's dream for the world into being, and continually inviting us to join in that creative work.


In alignment with those beliefs and as a community of faith, we make these promises to one another.

Together we will:

  • Actively participate in the life of the church, which extends beyond Sunday morning worship;

  • Generously contribute our unique gifts and talents toward the common good of the community;

  • Maintain an openness of heart and mind as we explore and experiment with news ways of being the Church together.

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